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Homofascism: The closet hasn’t disappeared and gays don’t want it to; They just want someone else to live in it

Over at the Constitution website, Benny Huang has quite a provocative article:
Army chaplain Major Scott Squires brought the wrath of homosexuals and anti-theists upon himself when he recently opted himself out of a marriage retreat he was supposed to lead because a lesbian couple signed up. Squires, an ordained Southern Baptist minister stationed at Fort Bragg, believed that he was doing right by his faith and Army regulations when he rescheduled the event and asked another chaplain to lead it.

But the Army still slammed him for discrimination.

It was plainly obvious that scenarios like this would arise after the Supreme Court’s redefinition of marriage and the demise of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT). Neither of those “gay rights” milestones had anything to do with the privacy of anyone’s bedroom or even with the relationship of two people to each other. Both were about ruthlessly suppressing dissent.

Mikey Weinstein of the militantly anti-religious “Military Religious Freedom Foundation” summed up the attitude pretty well when he commented on the Squires affair:
“If you’re going to view same-sex couples as a sin against god, you can either hold your tongue, change your attitude, or get out of the military.”
Weinstein believes that any denomination that won’t accommodate same-sex couples on marriage retreats should not be allowed to endorse chaplains for military service. I glean from some of his other comments that he believes the same should also apply to denominations that don’t perform same-sex weddings. Weinstein’s exclusionary ban would impact most major denominations including Catholics and nearly all Evangelicals, leaving the military with a huge deficit of qualified chaplains—which also happens to be Mikey’s lifelong dream. That’s not a coincidence.

Make no mistake—Weinstein’s point-of-view is gaining momentum. Chaplains will very soon be forced to conduct same-sex nuptials or be kicked out. This was blatantly obvious eight years ago when the Defense Department was carefully “studying” the effects of DADT repeal and yet these concerns were pooh-poohed.

To be clear, Chaplain Squires did not exclude this couple from the retreat though he would have been within his rights to do that. He excluded himself so as not to run afoul of his conscience, the Southern Baptist Convention, and Army regulations which require him to remain in good standing with his sponsoring denomination.

But these two chicks still weren’t happy because attending a marriage retreat was never their intent.

Do they expect me to believe that they really wanted to attend a marriage retreat conducted by a Southern Baptist preacher? This seems incredible. For starters, the marriage retreat was presumably Bible-based. Secondly, most marriage retreats focus on the complementary nature of men and women—their similarities and differences, their synergy, etc. It’s yin and yang stuff that doesn’t apply to yin and yin.

I can say with a high degree of certainty that this couple didn’t really want to attend this retreat. What they wanted was to provoke this exact conundrum. More than that they wanted Squires to face disciplinary action and perhaps lose his commission.

So they ambushed him.

These kinds of ambushes are increasingly common.
[The equivalent in civilian life would be the bakers and the photographers ostracized, demonized, and sued for tens of thousands of dollars…]
Something similar happened to Navy chaplain Wes Modder. His ordeal began when a homosexual junior officer began to engage him in regular private conversations about sexual sin in which the junior officer asked direct questions about the morality of certain sexual practices including homosexuality. Modder confirmed the teaching of two thousand years of Christianity and told him that yes, God hasn’t crossed anal sodomy off the sin list as much as our fallen world would like Him to.

Little did Modder know that the junior officer was taking notes of their conversations. The backbiting snitch then proceeded to file an Equal Opportunity complaint against the chaplain. According to the five-page complaint the chaplain not only thought that homosexuality was wrong but masturbation and pre-marital sex too! Apparently believing these things makes a person unfit to be a chaplain in today’s military.

Note to Mikey Weinstein: This is why “holding your tongue” is not good enough. Not content with merely shaming religious people into silence, homofascists will literally interrogate others’ religious beliefs just to ruin them.

The military, like society as a whole, is becoming an increasingly hostile place for people of faith. Millions of people are living in fear that their constitutionally-protected religious beliefs (and the free exercise thereof!) will make them the homofascists’ next victims. So they keep mum. They wait until they think they are in like-minded company—at church perhaps—before feeling out the group to see if it’s safe to speak. Then they say what they really believe in hushed tones and with lots of apologetic caveats.

There’s a term for this. It’s called living “in the closet.”

Homosexuals won’t like me using this term of course, because they claim it for themselves. Central to homosexuals’ identity is their purported victimhood which they attribute to being a hated minority forced to pretend to be something they are not.

It’s hard to see how the closet that homosexuals claim to have emerged from is any different than the one that they force dissidents liked Chaplains Squires and Modder to live in. The closet hasn’t disappeared and they don’t want it to. They just want someone else to live in it.

I know there are some people who honestly wish for a world in which no one lives in the closet but I’m not sure that such a world can exist. Nothing I’ve witnessed in the last twenty years of intolerant homosexual activism has convinced me that homofascists can live side by side with people who express even the mildest disapproval. The search for a fleeting “third way” that leaves everyone feeling liberated is fruitless.
If someone has to be in the closet, which I believe to be the case, let it be the homosexuals.
I must give some credit for this idea to former congressman Ron Paul, the 1988 Libertarian Party candidate for president. For nearly two decades Paul published newsletters that contained some off-the-wall stuff mixed in with a few hard truths that many people just aren’t mature enough to handle. “Bring back the closet!” he bellowed in the August 1990 issue. In June of that same year he wrote:
“I miss the closet. Homosexuals, not to speak of the rest of society, were far better off when social pressure forced them to hide their activities.”
Amen to that, brother!

When homosexuals still lived in the closet they couldn’t harm us. During my time in the Army, for example, chaplains weren’t ambushed for their religious beliefs. No one was. But that’s because I served under DADT. Homosexuals in the ranks, of which I’m sure there were a few, couldn’t have been agitators and activists, much less bullies and tattletales, without calling attention to themselves.
Each day I wake up and read a news item about the homofascist assault on our freedoms and think to myself, ‘This wouldn’t be happening if they were all still hiding.’ Take for example the recent re-nomination of Chai Feldblum to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Feldblum is a militant lesbian who was originally appointed by President Obama and recently renominated by President Trump. Shame on him.

Feldblum does not respect the first amendment rights of anyone to disagree with or resist her movement’s agenda. Said Feldblum: “There can be a conflict between religious liberty and sexual liberty, but in almost all cases the sexual liberty should win because that’s the only way that the dignity of gay people can be affirmed in any realistic manner.”

She’s right that there can be a conflict between these two things but wrong to think that sexual liberty (if we can call it that) should supersede the unambiguous words of the Constitution.

But that’s really beside the point. What matters is that Chai Feldblum wouldn’t be a threat to our freedom if she had been born fifty years earlier. She might still have been a lesbian but she would have been a closeted one and her homofascist impulse would have been locked away in the depths of her heart where it couldn’t hurt a fly.
The “closet” that homosexuals whine so much about was a defensive apparatus for the rest of us. It ensured that the Chai Feldblums of this world couldn’t bind together and enact the kind of tyranny that they have succeeded in foisting upon us over the last two decades.

Under no circumstance should we apologize for using shame to defend ourselves. Society uses shame to disincentivize all sorts of behaviors including smoking, watching FOX News, telling racist jokes, and questioning global warming. We certainly shame people who won’t get in line with the homosexual agenda.

So what right do the shamers have to tell us we can’t shame them back?

Homosexuality was once the “love” that dare not speak its name—and if we try hard enough, it could be again. Ron Paul was right when he said society was better off when social pressure made these sexual deviants keep quiet.

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