Tuesday, November 07, 2017

What Is Hollywood’s Worst Kept Secret?

Hollywood’s Worst Kept Secret Is Sex Crimes Against Children
notes Benny Huang.
Corey Feldman is ready to start naming names. The former child actor says that he is now willing to identify members of a Hollywood pedophilia ring that he claims victimized him more than thirty years ago.

In a recorded statement released on October 25th, Feldman announced plans to divulge specific details—though he wants to do it his way. He intends to make a documentary film about his life. He says he will hold nothing back including the names of men whom he alleges committed heinous sex crimes against children. In order to finance the project he has started a crowdfunding site through which he hopes to raise ten million dollars.

Some people’s reaction has been skeptical. Is this some kind of ploy to raise ten million bucks? Why can’t he seek out a reporter and tell his story for free? Those are very reasonable questions to which I would add my own—what will happen if he doesn’t get his ten million dollars? Will he allow the bad guys to get away?

I can’t answer any of these but I do believe that Corey Feldman is telling the truth. …
Until recently Corey Feldman had maintained that identifying perpetrators was not possible for legal reasons. If he were to name the kind of wealthy, influential Hollywood people he has hinted at he would likely find himself up against the best lawyers in the business and way over his head. Of course, truth is an absolute defense against slander though proving his accusations would be difficult so many years later.

But something has changed. Corey Feldman now appears to be ready for the kind of courtroom slugfest he had previously avoided.

 … To be sure, Feldman is waking a sleeping giant. Hollywood will fight back—through lawsuits, character assassination, and blacklisting. Feldman will learn new meaning to the words “You’ll never work in this town again.” So will anyone who takes his side.

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