Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Following Leftist Sex Accusations Against Conservative Politicians, Conservatives Join In the Onslaught: When on Earth Are We Going to Learn?!

When, folks?!

When are we going to learn?!

That is the question that I ask myself as Republicans and conservatives lash out against Judge Roy Moore, with accusations and venom that I have rarely seen wielded against the Obamas, the Reids, and the Pelosis.

For (at least) the past decade, the Democratic playbook has been to win elections by bringing up personal sins to destroy their opponents with, whether real, perhaps exaggerated (Obama adversary Jack Ryan), or imaginary — i.e., fake (Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, etc etc etc…)

I'm sorry, I have no earthly idea where Roy Moore fits in and, more to the point, I don't know how on earth Moore's foes (Democrat or — especially — Republican) know that he is indisputably guilty, and that of being nothing less, it seems, than one of the most disgusting and despicable people alive.

All I can say is that I remember similar accusations against Herman Cain in 2012, by one Sharon Bialek, who by an amazing coincidence, happened to live in the exact same apartment building of one of America's largest cities as one of Obama's closest associates (David Axelrod)…

Meanwhile, the Democrats' own transgressions are passed over (where possible, Bob Menendez, Bill Clinton, and members of the Kennedy clan have been mostly ignored). In the leftists' case, they are, at best, romanticized (Jack, Bobby, and Ted), and at worst, dismissed with a shrug and the words, "it's only sex".

If Republicans like Mitch McConnell cannot restrain themselves from making comments about Roy Moore not being fit to serve in the Senate and deserving to be expelled, couldn't they at least have paused to wonder why the sex scandal, by an amazing coincidence, happened to erupt after the Alabama judge was chosen to run for the state's Senate seat and not during any of Moore's past 20 years of often controversial public service? And while he was at it, couldn't the Senate majority leader at least have mentioned Bob Menendez in the same breath?!

Here’s the clincher:

Are you willing to believe the double standards of democrat drama queens and allow a party to return to power which wants to raise ever more taxes, relax border controls to allow illegal immigrants to pour across the Rio Grande, bringing everybody's salaries down in the process, order judges to inject politics in the public restroom area, and fine citizens $135,000 for refusing to bake a cake?

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