Friday, January 06, 2017

Chicago's Hate Crime as Presented in France: Only One Mention of the Perpetrator's and Victim's Races, and That as an Aside

Coverage of the hate crime in Chicago is no better in the French press than in the whitewashing press in the United States, as evidenced by this 20 Minutes and AFP report.

The title, first:
The Aggression of a Mentally Handicapped Young Man Broadcast on Facebook
Then, the opening paragraph:
Traumatized, the victim is having a hard time communicating. Four persons have been caught and arrested, announced the Chicago police, after the broadcast of a video where they are seen mistreating a young man while shouting racist insults.
Still nothing unusual about race, with the "shouting racist insults" part giving the idea that, if anything, it seems to be whites hectoring an African-American.

When the races of the perpetrators and victims are finally presented, it is almost as an aside, in a pair of secondary adjective clauses, and only once, in a single sentence:
The suspects, who are black, and the victim, who is white, are all young adults.
For some reason, you see, what matters is that all the "actors" are young.

If the races of perpetrators and victim were reversed, don't you think that sentence would be written quite differently? (The suspects and the victim, all of whom are young adults, are respectively white and black.)

Of course. And, indeed, race would be featured — prominently — in the headline as well as in the opening paragraph and, in fact, throughout the entire article.

From that point on, race disappears from the rest of the article, although one sentence does admittedly hint at the subject, since it contains the shouts « Fuck Donald Trump ! Fuck white people ! »

VIDEO. Etats-Unis : L’agression d’un jeune handicapé mental diffusée en direct sur Facebook

Traumatisée, la victime peine à communiquer. Quatre personnes ont été appréhendées et placées en garde à vue après la diffusion d’une vidéo où on les voit maltraiter un jeune homme en criant des insultes racistes, a annoncé ce jeudi la police de Chicago, dans le nord-est des Etats-Unis.

Les suspects, qui sont noirs, et la victime, qui est blanche, sont tous de jeunes adultes.
To no one's surprise, Newsbusters' Curtis Houck is on the story—the story of the non-story: ABC, NBC Skip White Chicago Man Being Tortured Live on Facebook by Four African-Americans, while shouting “fuck Trump” and “fuck white people.” (Equally unexpectedly, CBS’s coverage left out those last two details.) Leading Ed Driscoll to remind us that
CBS’s blackout on the details of this story, and their competitors’ embargo of the story itself, dovetails perfectly with Iowahawk’s observation that “Journalism is about covering important stories. With a pillow, until they stop moving,” and Jim Treacher’s line that in the 21st century, the profession “is all about deciding which facts the public shouldn’t know because they might reflect badly on Democrats.”

Related: “The Left’s insane hatred of Donald Trump has spun out of control, and there have been far too many instances of this sort of depraved violence,” John Hinderaker writes at Power Line. “I don’t want to hear another damn word about ‘hate crimes’ against minorities supposedly inspired by Donald Trump’s campaign or election, not unless they equal this level of depravity.”
The Boston Herald's Howie Carr (thanks to Instapundit):
Why can’t the alt-left call a hate crime a hate crime?

Is it because some hate crimes are more hateful than others? Or less?

Finally, yesterday, the Chicago police charged the four aspiring rappers with a hate crime for allegedly beating, torturing and kidnapping a white mentally disabled kid from the suburbs.

They were screaming “Bleep white people!” and “Bleep Trump!” but none of the PC posse wanted to … uh, jump to any conclusions.

Take Obama — please. His flack Josh Earnest was asked if this was a hate crime.
“I think it’s too early to tell.”

No call from Obama for a “national conversation” about hate crimes. He didn’t even call it “workplace violence.”

Then there was Don Lemon, last seen drunk on New Year’s Eve on CNN. Apparently, he’s still on his bender, because this is what he said:

“I don’t think it’s evil. I think these are young people and I think they have bad home training.”

Bad home training. Hey, I’ll bet these at-risk youths were turning their lives around too. That’s why one of Lemon’s guests, one Symone Sanders, said that we shouldn’t be “callously classifying” a kidnapping accompanied by a few chants of “Bleep white people!” as a hate crime.

Yeah, they’re lovely people — Tanashia and Brittany Covington, Tesfaye Cooper and Jordan Hall. Tanashia is 24 and the others are 18. Which, according to Chicago PD Commander Kevin Duffin, makes them “kids.”

“Kids make stupid decisions … That will certainly be part of whether or not we determine this is a hate crime or whether or not this is stupid ranting and raving.”

Here was the Boston Globe headline on the hate crime: “4 questioned after video of apparent racial attack in Chicago.”

Apparent. On MSNBC it was called an “apparent beating.” Apparently, whoever wrote these headlines didn’t see the video.

Various local newscasts said the thugs had “detained” the white kid, who was “picked on” and/or “bullied.”

What if this had happened to some Muslim terrorist at Gitmo? The same pajama boys now averting their eyes from the truth would be hollering for war crimes trials.

This wasn’t the first post-election black-on-white hate crime on the West Side. In November, a 50-year-old white man was dragged from his car by four people screaming obscenities about Trump. That hate crime was likewise recorded on videotape.

Police arrested Rajune Lewis, Dejuan Collins, Julian Christian and a juvenile and … do you remember seeing anything about this on the network newscasts? Me neither.

Compare this kid-glove treatment for all these thugs to what happened to the two Babson College students who drove over to Wellesley College after the election. Let’s let Babson President (and former Lt. Gov.) Muffy Healey describe how her students “engaged in behavior that was, at a minimum, insensitive, unacceptable and contrary to our core values.”

Their crime? They were yelling “Trump 2016!” and “Make America Great Again.”

Muffy banned them from campus and they were kicked out of their frat. They had to hire lawyers to fight Muffy’s fake news.

If it wasn’t for double standards, the alt-left wouldn’t have any standards at all.
In contrast, tweets Anthony Bialy, “Those who believed ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ right away are unsure if the Chicago assault was a hate crime.”

Plus: Remembering (not) the horrific Christian-Newsom murdersGlenn Reynolds:
There was no White House commentary, and no mass marches or riots. And not all that much press attention. Because these horrors did not Advance The Narrative.