Thursday, September 15, 2016

Washington Post Cartoon Shows All You Need to Know About the MSM's Double Standards

If you wish to understand the double standards of the mainstream media, look no further than this Washington post cartoon.

Offhand, it would seem to be a hard-hitting broadside against the Hillary Clinton campaign.

But look again, and notice what wouldn't happen to a Republican candidate, in any way possible, were we speaking of a like-minded scandal involving the GOP campaign:

First of all, a scandal involving a Democrat amounts to making a mountain out of a molehill (whether the making is the product of the opposition Republicans, the candidate's own staff, or journalists in the media).

More to the point, Ann Telnaes attacks everyone involved in the campaign, with one notable exception: Hillary herself, whom she lets entirely off the hook.

Indeed, the cartoon even seems to be somewhere a criticism against the detractors of Bill Clinton's wife (Republican, Democrat, independent), who cannot see how she has little to nothing to do with the (non-)scandal and, indeed, what a non-scandal it turns out to be.

As it happens, the cartoon suggests nothing but empathy for Hillary, who seems to have the role of the the wise old (wo)man who must deal with the failings — or the hysterics — of the members of her entourage.

There might of course be truth in this, but imagine a similar scandal involving a Republican — whether a Bush, a Reagan, a Cruz, or a Trump — and it is hard to imagine the same outlook from a supposedly neutral newspaper columnist or caricaturist…

Update: here is another example from the Post, signed Toles