Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Washington Post Shows How Badly Racist White Americans Treat Minorities In Order to Remain at the Top of the — Hold on a Minute!

Doesn't this poll reflect an outrage? Doesn't this report prove what a racist society America is? How the whites keep all the benefits of society for themselves? To keep minorities down? While remaining at the very helm?
 … the Pew Research Center released a new report on how Americans are paid by race and gender 
reports the Washington Post's Danielle Paquette.
— and boy, are there some bombshells for those interested in our nation’s wage disparities.

 … Pew found women typically still take home smaller paychecks than men.

 … But here are five other, less-discussed angles in the pay conversation:

1. America's top earners are Asian men

Racial and gender wage gaps persist in the United States, though they’ve narrowed for some groups in recent years. (Pew used white men as the comparison group, since they comprise the largest chunk of the work force at 33 percent.)
All groups trail white men in earnings — except Asian men. They made 117 percent of what white men earned in 2015:

Last year, average hourly wages for black and Hispanic men were $15 and $14, while white men pocketed $21 and Asian men made $24. …