Monday, February 22, 2016

America Is Nothing But the Country of a Band of Despicable Racists, Quips French Cartoonist

As we have been saying for the past years or so, the election of Barack Obama will never Lessen the European (and American!) élites' (self-serving) perception that America is nothing but a hell-hole of racist nightmares. (Why would it? They have too much invested in it, Europeans and American leftists alike.)

From Le Monde's Plantu from one of the final days of December 2015, with the typical stereotypes of the obese white American, the complicit judge under the star-spangled banner giving him a wink, and black victims all children:
Plantu: The American policeman who had shot a 12-year-old child will not be indicted

• Winking judge: Alright! … we'll let you go this time, but we will be keeping an eye on you!