Tuesday, January 19, 2016

If Christians “kill people every day in this country”, surely liberals should be able to come up with better and more recent examples than Columbine (which is a bogus example in any case)

Terrorism is almost always white Christians' fault 
notes Benny Huang tongue-in-cheek.
Just ask a liberal.

 … A newly surfaced video, recorded in October, shows Professor Ross Avila of UC-Merced teaching his class that 90% of terrorism in this country is carried out by “white Caucasian men.” I think he meant to say “white Christian men,” though it’s possible the professor doesn’t understand [the meaning of] redundancy.

 … This nonsense is gospel in left-wing circles.

“I’m not saying that white men are evil, but that is what we should be thinking about,” said Avila. “Usually these are people who are religiously motivated and politically conservative.”

So now Avila has added two more demographic traits to his description. … But he’s not saying that white men are evil. Those are just the facts, you see, and he’s a dispassionate observer.

 … Luckily, Avila offered an anecdote to illustrate his point that white dudes are dangerous and the rest of us are bigots because we don’t realize it. [Except that the incident mentioned from Austin, Texas (wait for it)…] never happened.

Professor Avila pulled all of those statistics out of his backside.

 … Liberals are downright obsessed with conservative white Christian terrorists, so obsessed in fact that they try to mold every incident of terrorism into what they want it to be. The liberal media attempted to link both the Tucson and Aurora shootings to the Tea Party despite zero evidence. After the Boston Marathon bombing, MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry shrieked that the bombers were “literally Caucasian!” because they supposedly hailed from the Caucasus Mountains. (One brother was born there, the other wasn’t.) Though racial categories are often hazy, I don’t know anyone who would have considered the Tsarnaev brothers white—which is what Harris-Perry was implying—before they started killing people. In any case, their race didn’t drive them to terrorism; their religion did. These guys were Muslims and their religion was not incidental.

Even anti-Christian terrorists can be counted as Christians if liberals decide that it makes a better story–and they always do. Liberal commentator Tavis Smiley actually said that Christians “kill people every day in this country.” When asked to cite examples, he quipped: “Oh, Christians, every day, people walk into post offices, they walk into schools, that’s what Columbine is — I could do this all day long.”

If Smiley wants to educate himself on the Columbine Massacre I would recommend Dave Cullen’s superbly researched book “Columbine,” which I found to be even-handed and credible. He would learn that the killers were not Christians.

 … But Tavis Smiley is convinced that Christians commit acts of terrorism “every day” in this country. His only cited example was actually anti-Christian terrorism and it happened in 1999. Surely, if these incidents happen “every day” he should be able to come up with something better and more recent than Columbine.