Sunday, December 27, 2015

In France, Typos Make for Interesting History Lessons

Where was this photo taken?
asks the monthly magazine Geo in its regular multiple choice question game (you have to click on each photo to see the three options to choose among).

With Ryann972's "statue men" photo, you must choose among the following three options:

• On Chile's Easter Island (they would be the earliest Moai statues)
• Near China's Xian city (they would count among the Middle Kingdom's terra cotta soldiers)
• On France's Martinique (this would be the exotic island's Slavery Memorial)

Before scrolling down this post and reading on, see if you can guess the answer (FYI, I nailed it, as did 80% of Geo readers).

We discover that the correct answer is the third and last one (the first two did sound far-fetched), to which we are treated with further information informing us that slavery was not abolished in France in 1794, as we had previously thought, but only in 1974!