Sunday, December 20, 2015

10 British things you just don’t mess with

The Daily Telegraph has a list of 10 British things you just don’t mess with.
According to a recent report, American film director George Lucas experienced a baptism of fire on the Elstree set of Star Wars back in 1976. Instead of the work ethic he was used to when filming in the States, a very British adherence to union rules prevailed which meant shooting was delayed for twice-daily tea breaks. What Lucas failed to appreciate is that for the British, tea is more than a warm beverage. Tea is a way of life. It is the answer to almost any problem that arises. In the face of disaster we put the kettle on. We are very serious about our tea.
There is advice for the Yanks:
As the Telegraph’s Christopher Howse observed recently, to use your eating-irons as the Americans do is considered to be worse than a crime