Thursday, November 26, 2015

How Does the—Totally Unbiased—French Media Describe Nigel Farage and His UKIP Party Members? Le Monde Compares Them to Teenagers and to Clowns

Wondering how Le Monde's Marion Van Renterghem describes the UKIP leader (or how the MSM outlet did so last year, at least)?

Accompanying a picture where the "ultra-conservative" "ultra-capitalist" ("l'ultraconservateur" "ultralibéral") looks like a demented fundamentalist Sunday preacher and referring to the party's alleged "racist meanderings" ("les dérapages racistes du UKIP"), she compares him and his entourage to teenagers:
Between Farage and his aides, talking ill of Brussels is part of the big jokes that they get as little tired of as adolescents do of dirty stories.

Entre Farage et ses assistants, dire du mal de Bruxelles fait partie des grosses blagues dont on se lasse aussi peu que les adolescents des histoires de fesses.
Then, borrowing from Goscinny and Uderzo's (Asterix and) Obelix, she concludes that
Nigel Farage is the populist Italian clown Beppe Grillo who's fell into a Tea Party à l'américaine with the posh accent of an English conservative. 
That's right. Very objective. And very unbiased.
Nigel Farage, c'est le clown populiste italien Beppe Grillo tombé dans un Tea-Party à l'américaine avec l'accent posh d'un conservateur anglais.