Saturday, August 15, 2015

If Anybody Is Making Common Cause with Radicals in Iran, Wouldn't It Be Obama?

President Obama saying that Iranians “are making common cause with the Republican caucus” is twisted logic.  Obama is making common cause with the radical Islamic terrorists who he doesn’t admit exist.
David Lawrence has a piece on The Twisted Logic of Liberals in Eagle Rising website.
Being liberal is twisted logic.  It is seeking short term hedonistic satisfaction instead of patiently chasing long term results.

 … Obama’s spending millions on vacations and trillions on failed projects while pretending that he is a hero of the middle class is twisted logic with a dash of gourmet hypocrisy.

Obama having a distaste for American exceptionalism is twisted logic. He lives exceptionally well.  He has private chefs while he spits us out like fast food.  He turned self-reliance into food stamps.

Allowing Iran to get its hands on one hundred and fifty billion dollars and opening its path to a nuke is twisted logic. It’s arming our enemy.  It is Chamberlain giving weapons to the Nazis.