Tuesday, June 02, 2015

FBI Profiler: If a criminal orders you to get in a car with him — don't do it!

I shouldn't have started watching Helen Smith's Six (thanks to her husband) after 1:30am, because I couldn't "put it down" and didn't get to bed until 3.

Please note that, basically, the members of the Lillelid family are doomed once they agree to enter the Kentucky teens' van.

As FBI profiler John Douglas writes (with Mark Olshaker) in The Anatomy of Motive (The FBI's Legendary Mindhunter Explores The Key To Understanding And Catching Violent Criminals),
One point I always make is, if you are unfortunate enough to be the victim of a crime and the offender orders you to get in a car with him — don't do it!  Your chances of survival are greatly reduced if you follow his instructions and go anywhere with him.
It doesn't matter whether the criminal(s) is/are threatening you with their weapon(s). Yes, you do have a choice: Refuse to enter the vehicle.

Other quotes from the ace in the FBI's elite serial-crime unit:
There's an old saying in law enforcement:
"Killers don't call, and callers don't kill."
(Yes, this would seem to mean that plenty of Hollywood thrillers veer far from the truth.)
 … regardless of your ethical opinion, calling [the death penalty] "premeditated violent homicide" [as the ACLU did] is an action I find morally repugnant because it places the killer and his victim on the same level and therefore trivializes the critical distinction between the guilty and the innocent. We owe [the victim's] memory more than that. And once we lose sight of this distinction in our society, then we're really playing with fire.