Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Jacques Chirac's Golden Rule While on the Road (NSFW)

According to a laughing Rose­lyne Bache­lot, writes Voici's Mathias Alcaraz, the former government minister's favorite Jacques Chirac quote was the following:
Il me disait toujours “Tu sais, quand tu es en dépla­ce­ment, il ne faut jamais perdre une occa­sion de bouf­fer, de pisser, de baiser”
He always told me, "You know, when you are on the road, you must never waste an opportunity to eat, to take a piss, to get laid."

(FYI, all three verbs used by Chirac are slang words, with the latter one closer to the F-word.)
Ensuite, il allait aux toilettes et il me disait “Y’en a plus que deux à faire!”
Then he would head off to the restroom, and quip "one down, two to go."

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