Friday, March 13, 2015

Moral Equivalence: Russia and Ukraine Compared to Israel and the West Bank

• Diplomacy ain't his forte

Last year, Serguei produced a hard-hitting cartoon on "Super-Tsar Putin" and his muscular saber-rattling in Ukraine, but in the very same issue of Le Monde, needless to say, Plantu had to, just had to, draw a moral equivalence with Israel and the Palestinians.

Note to those who think this is an immeasurably smart cartoon: unless I am mistaken, there is no party in Kiev which holds that Russia and its people ought to be pushed back into the sea (which sea would that be?!) or that the children of (or the adults who make up) the Ukrainian people ought to blow themselves up in Russian malls and schools.

• Another 400 hectares annexed!!!
• That Putin, what a dirty sonuvabitch!!
• Not at all! This is the West Bank!