Thursday, March 05, 2015

If You Were a Member of the MSM, What Hillary News Would You Choose to Lead With This Week?

So, with Hillary firmly embroiled in a private email account scandal, what story does AOL choose to lead its Clinton family news?

You can't guess? Really?

Here's the title; and it's on page 2 (of 40) in AOL's current news cycle:

That's right! Who pioneered the pantsuit in Washington and who did not pioneer the pantsuit in Washington is of utmost interest these days!

Incidentally, what this does is allow America OnLine to eulogize another member of Congress, needless to say also a Democrat (in the person of Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski, aka a "pint-sized trailblazer with a huge legacy" as well as "one of the fiercest fighters for women, families and the middle class").

(There is another State Department email story on today's second AOL page, but it is not the private email account scandal per se, it is not even an AOL story, it is a simple one-line link to a Fox News story on the Benghazi probe.)

So wait a minute: how about the real story? How about the former secretary of state's private email account scandal?

It's there alright.

Yup, AOL does do its duty and does cover it.

But… needless to say, it shows Hillary Rodham Clinton in a positive light (she is responding to the "controversy" pro-actively while showing total transparency on the issue, "urging" — urging — the State Department to release the emails) and…

…the story comes in… 14th place!

Update: thanks for the link, Glenn Reynolds
(while you're here, Instapundit readers, you might want to take a look at this recent post of ours, The Era of the Drama Queens: Every Crisis Is a Triumph)

Update 2: perhaps someone at AOL reads No Pasarán? Or, perhaps, Instapundit? In any case, within hours of the Glenn Reynolds re-post, America OnLine effectively and suddenly put the Hillary story (the email article, not the pantsuit article)  in its number 1 position. Where it remained for… a few hours, before disappearing entirely from the 40-section news department.

Update 3: contrast the treatment of the Democrat party with that of the GOP, the Party in Which No Sin and No Mistake Must Ever Be Forgotten