Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Day After a Deranged Gunman Shoots 3 to Death in Santa Barbara—Prompting Calls for America to Emulate Gun-Control Europe—4 Are Gunned Down in Brussels

Less than 24 hours after three people were shot to death by a California madman (not counting himself, while his other three victims were stabbed to death) — prompting attacks on America's gun culture and calls for the U.S. to emulate gun-control havens such as those in Europe — the Daily News and Libération report a gunman in Brussels
hustling through a hallway at [a] museum where he quickly unpacks the long gun and opens fire 
killing four in the process, "before calmly and quickly packing his rifle and walking off." (It happened at a Jewish museum — in fact, the Jewish Museum — wouldn't you know it?)

Belgium has launched a nationwide manhunt for the gunman … who killed an Israeli tourist couple and a French woman and left a Belgian in critical condition with shots to the face and throat "probably acted alone, was armed and well prepared."

 … The attack, which came on the eve of national and European Parliament elections, led officials to immediately raise anti-terror measures and protection of Jewish sites.
In liberal California, meanwhile, the families involved in the Elliot Rodger tragedy have been blaming the usual suspects:
 … the father of 20-year-old student who was killed in the rampage near the University of California, Santa Barbara blames "craven, irresponsible politicians and the NRA" for his son's death.

Richard Martinez, says his son Christopher Martinez was one of those killed in the rampage that claimed seven in the Isla Vista area near UCSB on Friday night. The father went on to say "When will this insanity stop? When will enough people say, 'Stop this madness!' Too many have died. We should say to ourselves, 'Not one more!'"
As for the family of the killer himself, which is "staunchly against guns", reports the Daily Mail, its members have also been blaming "a country where weapons can be bought with ease":
 … the aunt of British born murderer Elliot Rodger made an impassioned appeal on Sunday to Barack Obama and the U.S. authorities to 'Stop the slaughter.'

Jenni Rodger, 55, who lives in south west France, said: 'He was a sick kid – somebody who was seriously mentally disturbed – and yet he was able to get hold of guns.'

 … 'What kind of a society allows this?' said Ms Rodger. 'How can this be allowed to happen? I want to appeal to Americans to do something about this horrific problem.

'I want the president and the authorities to finally stop these killings. The only possible good thing that can come out of all this is America finally taking action.'

Well, shouldn't the police also be held responsible (at least partially)? After all,
Police interviewed Rodger and found him to be a ‘perfectly polite, kind and wonderful human’. 
Police interviewed Rodger and found him to be a ‘perfectly polite, kind and wonderful human,’ but noted
Read more at http://clashdaily.com/2014/05/dumb-cops-cops-talked-gunman-ahead-shooting-wonderful-human/#CrOPE0hHIV92iU91.99
What's more, deputies never saw the menacing videos before the rampage.

Here we seem to have another culprit: why did the parents not make more of an effort to show the videos to the police?

And how present were those parents in the kid's life? Did they have no idea about his problems regarding his social life (and his virginity)?
All this is to say that, yes, there is a chance that, given an early enough intervention, game could have gotten him laid and quieted his inner rage
remarks Chateau Artiste in a PUA post (cheers to Instapundit).

Shouldn't the earliest intervention have been made by… Elliot's own… father?!

A Croatian friend once told me that in his country, when parents noticed a teen son starting to act like he needed something, something different, the father said "Come with me", drove (or rode, in the olden days) across town, and presented him to… a prostitute. Virginity problem solved, hormone rage lowered. (When learning the kid was a virgin, the gal sometimes did it for free, but always, she made an effort to "give" a bit more than usual.)

And with the money he had, Elliot Rodger could have gone not just to a cheap whore but to a high-class (yes, blonde) call girl. Several call girls. (Yes, all blonde.) At the same time. Several times a week.

OK, not the ideal solution, perhaps, for someone pining for lover and tenderness (although…), but, yes, it would have "quieted his inner rage", making him more attractive in the process to the "normal" LTC girls he craved…

And instead of blaming the NRA and (conservative) politicians for the deaths, how about blaming… the… mass murderer?! The murderer who also used knives and a car in his death spree, and yet no one is speaking of banning knives and motor vehicles.

As for his allegedly being a conservative, John Hinderaker has debunked that canard in this case of a person who in fact turns out to be a "prototypical liberal male" (cheers to Instapundit, again). Indeed, contrary to the wishes of most leftists, most mass murderers seem to turn out to come from the Left side of the political aisle.
Finally, "experts" have been claiming that mass murderers are hard to predict.

That is not entirely true, as I wrote in a dispassionate and in-depth study into the issue of gun control:
Unless I am mistaken, there was not a single occasion of a shootist over the past 50 years, whether underage kids or grown-up adults, who did not previously show warning signs — if only the fact that they were described as "remote" — warning signs that were deliberately and repeatedly ignored, by family and friends as well as by professionals and people in authority; and that, for fear of the left's PC police.

(This is true even in the military; think only of the warning signs concerning Major Nidal Hassan, universally and persistently ignored, prior to the Islamist's 2009 Fort Hood massacre.)

… After a shooting spree, as William S. Burroughs once said, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn’t do it and who, (not at all) incidentally, would never do anything remotely like it.

 … had an armed American — had the average armed American — been present at the school or at the university, he (or she) would have used his (or her) weapon to start firing back at Adam Lanza [or Elliot Rodger], and either hit the gunman or forced him to take cover, preventing him from continuing his deadly spree.
As for Michael Moore claiming that "Americans kill people", 24 hours after Elliot Rodgers' rampage, a man enters a museum in Brussels (the Jewish Museum, who would have guessed?) and lets loose with the gun he is carrying, killing four (of course, we have no way of knowing if the unidentified killer is an American citizen, but somehow I doubt it). [Update: here is the reaction of a Jewish rock musician — en français.] One more than was shot by Rodger (the three other victims were stabbed to death). (Note to Michael Moore: Brussels is in Belgium; and Belgium is in Europe; neither is in, or anywhere near, the United States.)

Moreover, as I wrote in my post on gun control,
it is easy for leftists, American as well as foreign, to tout the success of the gun control laws in the rest of the Western world when you ignore :
• the 1996 massacre of 16 children at a Scottish primary school;
• the 2000 killing of eight kids in Japan;
• the 2002 deaths of eight people in Nanterre, France;
• the 2002 killing of 16 kids in Erfurt, Germany;
• the 2007 shootings to death of eight people in Tuusula, Finland;
• the killing of 10 people at a Finnish university less than a year later;
• the 2009 killing of 15 people in Winnenden, Germany;
• and, needless to say, Anders Breivik's 2011 mass murder of 77 Norwegians, most of them teenagers.