Sunday, June 16, 2013

Why Have Affirmative Action When Even Blacks are (Massively) Against the Procedure??

How much can you say that that positive discrimination is necessary, and indeed a positive for the black race, when a majority of Americans — including all minorities, not least members of the black race themselves (!) — are against using race as factor in college admissions?
 … two recent polls show a majority of Americans are against colleges and universities using race as a factor in admissions 
reports Yahoo's Liz Goodwin (thanks to Instapundit).
A recent ABC News poll finds 76 percent of Americans think colleges should not consider the race of applicants. The poll did not find major differences in race: 79 percent of white people oppose the use of race in admissions, while 71 percent of nonwhites oppose it (including 78 percent of blacks and 68 percent of Hispanics).

Meanwhile, an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll from this month finds support for affirmative action at a historic low, with just 45 percent of Americans saying such programs are still needed to counter discrimination against minorities, compared with 61 percent who favored it in 1991.

An equal number of those surveyed said affirmative action has gone too far and discriminates against white people. (The NBC poll differs from the ABC one in that it asked about "affirmative action" generally, instead of the specific instance of colleges considering race in admissions.)

The Supreme Court heard arguments in October that the University of Texas violates the Constitution by using race as one factor in admitting a small percentage of its freshman class. (The majority of students are admitted automatically by graduating in the top 10 percent of their high school class.) It's expected to release its decision this month. …
NEWS YOU CAN USE: The College Admissions Process Is Unfair — Get Used To It.
“There is only a tiny fraction of the pie that is reserved for Asians. They want you to fight for this slice: to die for it.”
And this — while our élites are obsessed with racism (but only when it is politically correct), the following type of news item remains ignored:
We looked at a random sample of 52 colleges and universities across the country. (Download the data in PDF here.) The sample included public and private institutions, and we attempted to create geographical balance. The only other restriction was that we looked for institutions that have some degree of national recognition. . . . Women are substantially overrepresented in the position of Title IX Coordinator. To be “representative of the student body,” approximately 27 to 29 of the 52 Title IX Coordinator positions (~55 percent) should have been held by women. But in our sample, 43 of the positions (83 percent) are held by women. Likewise women appear overrepresented in the staff positions of the relevant campus offices, but the level of overrepresentation was less than for the top positions (73.1 percent of the positions are held by women). Considering that the overwhelming preponderance of sexual harassment allegations are directed by women at men, the disproportion of women to men in the positions charged with interpreting and enforcing the sexual harassment rules is a legitimate concern. Are male students who are accused of sexual harassment likely to receive fair-minded treatment in these offices?
This is troubling, and calls for Congressional inquiry.