Wednesday, September 05, 2012

French MSM on "Guaranteed Success" and "the Obama Magic": Obama's Values the Same As "Numerous Americans"

By contrast with their stereotypical treatment of Mitt Romney, the French media's approach to Barack Obama is stellar, as proven in the Le Monde article of the Democrat convention's openining, replete with the expressions "the Obama magic", "guaranteed success", "Michelle Obama's 'home run' ", "her husband's values and convictions", and said Obama values being the same "as very numerous Americans" — not to mention a batch of smiling photos in comparison with what what Radegunda calls "the most angry-looking pic they could find" of Mitt.

Le "home run" de Michelle Obama devant la convention démocrate

La première dame des États-Unis a fait l'éloge d'un président qui, a-t-elle dit, partage les valeurs de très nombreux Américains : travail, éducation, honnêteté, intégrité. Succès garanti.

Update: Check out Le Monde's cartoon

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