Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Debating the Debate: I Will Be Debating the Obama-Romney Debate on French TV in the Hour Following the Encounter

In the hour following the Obama-Romney debate tonight, I will be among four people debating the debate on France's iTélé news channel

Watch iTélé's live coverage here

(Naturally, with the time difference, this means that — in case you care — all four of us will be up all night and holding our debate between 4:30 am and 5:30 am Paris time…)

•          François DURPAIRE –  Historien - Spécialiste des Etats-Unis
•          Soufian ALSABBAGH - Spécialiste de politique intérieure américaine et du Parti républicain,
          auteur   de « L’Amérique de Mitt Romney »et de « La Nouvelle Droite Américaine aux  Editions Demopolis
•          Ellen KOUNTZ – Représentante de Démocrates Américains en France
•          Erik SVANE – Membre de Republicans Abroad France, auteur de "La Bannière étalée"

Update: The debate will be in French, of course, but if you want to see a blogger getting into a heated TV debate in English on the subject of Mitt Romney's "gaffes" (35 minutes long) with a member of the mainstream media (Newsweek's Paris Bureau Chief) and others, click here.

  Update 2: Philippe Bernard's Le Monde article shows a series of presidential debates, or excerpts thereof, from the past 50 years.