Thursday, July 19, 2012

Citing Mister Cuddles

They are fossils, these old-line Marxist-Leninist / Permanent Revolution type Trotskyite variants. They even fall for phony, concocted quotations from their heroes of the near distant ago as a kind of scripture. Here, one present day “revolutionary” quotes this blog’s patron mass murderer Che, to try to convince the reader that Free Enterprise thanklessly exploits the worker, ignoring that under the Marxist-Leninism that the author never lived under the loving heel of the state, THE STATE is the corporate exploiter.
In carrying out whatever leadership task he was assigned, Che organized along a course that made it possible for workers to transform themselves and their social and political consciousness as they collectively transformed the social relations under which they worked, produced, and lived.

He explained that this is the only way working people carrying out the revolutionary process can make the new social relations more transparent and direct and, at the same time, base these relations on human solidarity. It is the only way to tear away the veils and fetishes behind which the capitalist system hides the brutal consequences of its exploitation of working people and obscures the unique contribution labor makes to all social and cultural progress.
So I suppose that he was going to lead by example, and tell us how many of his political opponents he capped? Not likely. He does, however, advocate chaos and the descent into a base, regressed society though:
By the time the Cuban revolution conquered, the balance sheet of twentieth-century experience had demonstrated beyond any doubt that society will not—and cannot—advance toward socialism and communism along any other course.

If it is directed down any other road, it will become mired in bureaucratic planning and management, fostering growing demoralization and alienation of working people from their labor. New privileged social layers will be spawned that ape the values and attitudes of the capitalist classes still dominant on a world scale. Willy-nilly, revolutionists will be turned into accomplices of the law of value and its corrosive social consequences. They will begin, at first even unconsciously, to seek support and collaboration from petty-bourgeois layers at home and from bourgeois forces internationally, as they turn their faces away from the toilers of the world, who are humanity’s only salvation.
There’s the perpetual argument pointing somewhere else: “sure, you’re suffering, or are trapped in these borders, or poor – but you’re doing it for the good of man. The irony is that that man, whoever the hell he is, was always somewhere else: Africa, South America, East Asia, etc.

After some more piffle about the worker, he is reputed to have said:
Fear that the example of Cuba would spread and that other pro-imperialist regimes would be overthrown by mass revolutionary struggle underlay Washington’s determination to crush the workers and farmers government in Cuba. At Wall Street’s bidding, bourgeois governments throughout the hemisphere rushed to try to isolate the revolutionary regime. …
Yes, and it was the workers who feared it, which is why they had to use violent intimidation and “never let a crisis go to waste”. Those who actually ARE workers, taking a moment to think about who the new boss is, realizes that not only does the State Mega-Nasty-Corp of the Socialists’ paradise have no competition, but they also have no incentive not to REALLY abuse the person.

Proof of this is plain: these regimes maintained impotent unions as a useful distraction to help keep the workers from rising up and taking their power away. Their job as a union, was to militate an already trapped people into towing the bosses’ political line. When the workers did rise up to protest unreasonable production quotas, they shot at them.

Can the fossils find even ONE example of anything that bad being done to working people by the state where there is Free Enterprise without massive repercussions? Well?

In that minor instance of the 1953 East German uprising, one of many events in the solidaristic “free world” that they called their walled-in lands, 170 were executed for political crimes, 123 for other ‘crimes’, connected to the protests in addition to the scores of victims shot down in the street when the protests were put down.