Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Euro-Übermenschen with Nerves of Steel

Kansan Uutiset, Finland : Summer time kills thousands of Europeans
On Saturday night millions of Europeans switched to daylight saving time, or summer time. The party newspaper of the Left Alliance in Finland, Kansan Uutiset, calls for summer time to be scrapped on the grounds that it is harmful to people's health: "On the weekend new findings about the disadvantages of summer time were published. The daily Aamulehti on Sunday reported on a Swedish study according to which in the next two weeks around 30 people in Sweden will die of heart attacks resulting from stress caused by the switch to summer time.
They are rather less enthusiastic to discuss the ones who drink themselves to death the rest of the year.
That means thousands of deaths across the EU. Russia decided a year ago to abolish the twice yearly adjustment of the clock, switching to summer time for good in March 2011. It doesn't matter whether it's summer time or winter time, this time the Russian approach is the right one for us, too. One time is enough for the whole year round."
Let’s set aside the idea that you can impute that kind of data from one culture to a continent. I know it’s fruitless and silly, but do you really think that daylight savings time kills?

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