Sunday, January 15, 2012

According to Clint Eastwood's Screenwriter, J Edgar Hoover Is the Dark Side of Harvey Milk, the Latter Being a Hero and the Former a Monster

According to Dustin Lance Black, the subject of his first biopic, Harvey Milk, is an American hero, and the subject of his second, J. Edgar Hoover, is a monster, the second being the dark side of the first.

In an interview with Le Monde's Samuel Blumenfeld (that accompanies Thomas Sotinel's Behind the FBI, Clint Eastwood Targets America), Dustin Lance Black makes the following comparison (retranslated back from the French):
I cannot help but see in Hoover the dark side of Harvey Milk. The latter came out of the closet to start a fight for freedom. Hoover repressed his homosexuality to become, in the end, a monster.
Je ne peux m'empêcher de voir en Hoover la part obscure d'Harvey Milk. Ce dernier est sorti du placard pour engager un combat pour les libertés. Hoover a refoulé son homosexualité pour, au final, devenir un monstre.

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