Saturday, October 01, 2011

You Can Say All of This. Really. You Can. It’s Actually Allowed.

Freedom means you can tell the world to bug off. It means that you can tell them that you don’t like their taxes, their “public-private partnerships,” their attempts to rig industries they like, attempt to Unionize the unwilling, and their social coercion, not to mention their attempts to construct a political monoculture.

If the present leadership’s idea of freedom doesn't include the freedom to tell them to be disagreed with without their media cheerleaders and outsourced social complex being put to work on it, then they don’t really believe in human freedom, and are just using the vocabulary they think merely common buzzwords in middle America as a prop to hide their authoritarian impulses.

If Mr. Obama really is all of America’s President, then he needs to respect and understand those who respectfully disagree with him. There appears to be no evidence that he and the subculture around him are capable of that.

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