Saturday, September 24, 2011

Droit au Logement 101

Added to a pile of things to ignore, get wrong, and undermine the meaning of, housing has been made a “human right” in France and the notion is gathering legal steam in the EU as well, especially when it comes to highly stationary crop-wrecking and park-trashing squatters euphemistically called “travellers”. Of course the idea of having to limit some people’s rights over their own property and earnings to dispense that “right” selectively doesn’t appear on their monomaniacal radar.

So if that’s the case, what can one make of this ? :

Italian parents bring in lawyers to evict 41-year-old stay at home son

An exasperated Italian couple has resorted to legal help to kick their 41-year-old son out of the house, in the latest case to highlight the phenomenon of Italy's stay-at-home "bamboccioni" or mummy's boys.
Aren’t his “rights” being violated?
"He has a good job but he continues to live at home and wants his clothes washed and ironed and his meals cooked for him. He never wants to leave." The couple took their case to the association after reading that it had experience in dealing with dozens of similar cases.
Which I suppose also makes these “adults” an abused “class”.
After the report was released, a cabinet minister came up with a drastic solution to the problem, proposing legislation which would make it compulsory for teenagers to leave home once they reached adulthood.
Oddly enough, since it all about how you raise them, these parents only have themselves to blame.
Renato Brunetta, the minister in charge of streamlining the country's bureaucracy, admitted that in his youth he too was a "bamboccioni", which translates as "big baby", and that his mother made his bed for him until he was 30.
I guess this is what you devolve into when ‘the personal becomes the political’. So how’s that working for ya?

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