Saturday, May 14, 2011

So Jump Already, Dammit

Van Rompuy thinks he knows what’s wrong with European innovation:

Van Rompuy said that "societal problems in Belgium and elsewhere" in the EU mean that people "live in a climate of despair and are depressed."
But in order for Europe to remain at the cutting edge of innovation in areas ranging from energy to agriculture, services and digital technologies, "we need a dynamic and positive society," based on competition "but also on generosity."
In other words, the problem with European society is that there are too darmed many Europeans involved.
"But crisis can be very depressive. Only negative messages from leaders are the wrong message coming out of the crisis. The positive outlook is key for a dynamic society," he stressed.
Maybe Mother’s little helper isn’t doing what it’s supposed to, but this sounds like license to give the ugly masses a palliative little white lie here and there.

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