Thursday, March 17, 2011

Plantu Likens the Le Pens' Front National Threat to America's 911 Tragedy

Another subject that Plantu reminisced about in Le Monde Magazine was the recent poll that gave the Front National's Marine Le Pen a commanding lead regarding voting intentions in the presidential contest next year. This reminded Plantu, of course, of 2002, when, to everybody's consternation, Marine's father (Jean-Marie Le Pen) beat the socialists' Lionel Jospin (then France's incumbent prime minister) for the run-off in the second round against incumbent President Jacques Chirac.

Of notice, however, has been Plantu's tendency over the years to use the 9-11 disaster to illustrate all kinds of alleged tragedies (both in America and elsewhere), and thus diminish the importance of the American deaths on that date…

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