Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stamping your Feet and shaking your Little Fists in the Air Again, are we?

There’s trouble in paradise for the Alain Soral, a man who looks for Jews hiding under his bed every night.

Alain Soral was assaulted on Saturday at a book signing near the Bastille of his latest work "Understanding the Empire."

Four or five individuals surrounded Soral, asking him to apologize for some comment he was accused of making that offended Houria Bouteldja. The scuffle started when a person accused Alain Soral of having said that blacks are cannibals.
The syphilitic F. Desouche blog spends little time wondering about color, and asks the question “was he beaten up by muslims?” Such is life in the land of “intellectualism and debate.” The reason this all sounds bizarre to Americans is because it is. While the likes of Soral and even those who find him as dippy as he really is indulge in accusing the United States of “being at war with Islam,” and do a great job of parroting the Jihadists’ propaganda, French popular and even “intellectual” culture really ARE at war (in a chickenshit verbal way) with what seems like all of humanity - including Muslims.

This is how the big drama queen routine works for guys like Soral: they think that the sun shines out of their ass when they accuse and inflame people in print, and then think that the world is after them because they really think that they matter in some way to the world.

Strangely enough, the world outside of his bubble only knows these irrelevant attention seekers because of us pointing out their stale, 18th century (if not medieval) conspiratorial ravings.

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