Friday, February 11, 2011

Fables from the Healthcare Paradise Human Warehouse that is Europe’s Well to do North

They’re dying to get out, and functionaries are all too willing to help.

For some, lurking behind this trend is a desire "to ease the finances of the health system."
That this quest for “death with dignity” seems to be the only decent option someone has because all of the others are so poor or are denied to people.
In the Netherlands, the instrumentalisation of death can now be symbolised by a single digit: 4. This is the average number of minutes required by physicians to make the decision to hasten death, while nearly a quarter of the killings were performed without the consent of the patient. The Guardian, which has looked into the 114 cases of British parties who went to Switzerland to commit suicide, found clear evidence that many of them had a chance to cure their illnesses and live in dignity.
When the Vatican talks about “a culture of life” it isn’t limited to some procedure or another, it speaks to a view of living a good and full life itself: whether you can bungie-jump or have gymnastic sex or not. The next time you hear someone say “live a little”, imagine that this also means having an inner life of the soul too.

When the state is involved, expect there to be a greater emphasis on what will seem like “financial Eugenics” as the average age of the population rises, and fewer older people have children to defend their interests.

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