Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Classic case of Being Irrelevant

Justice commissioner Viviane Reding on Monday criticised the US for lacking interest and not having yet appointed a proper negotiator on an over-arching data protection agreement with the EU. Her words came as the bloc's own data protection supervisor slammed the EU internal security strategy for being unclear about privacy.
Yadda, yadda, yadda...
"From the outset, we have noted an apparent lack of interest on the US side to talk seriously about data protection," Ms Reding said in a statement, two weeks after holding talks with US attorney general Eric Holder and interior minister Janet Napolitano.
She said that the US is interested in negotiations on specific data-sharing deals with Europe, but that there was less movement on the over-arching data protection agreement [than] she had the mandate to negotiate.
The officially irate Reichsminister Reding continued to expect someone to show up anyway, I suppose for the pointless Kabuki theater that they need to look relevant:
"They have not even appointed a negotiator," Ms Reding pointed out, adding she "expects" the telephone number of the negotiator before the end of the year.
The possibility that others don’t agree with the efficacy of negotiating domestic laws with a foreign entity may not have fallen upon the infallable Empirial Adjutant Reding.

As in: there’s nothing of any note to discuss until the EUvians get a policy, and Congress empowers a mandate. Elsewhere from by bulging “sign it and forget it” pile:
"The EDPS regrets that although the communication refers to privacy and data protection as fundamental rights, the EU commission does not explain how this will be ensured in practice," it noted.
That's alreight. It looks like the world is unwilling to take you seriously anyway.

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