Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stick it in your Fundament

If you buy this argument, somebody needs to check your freezer for human heads.

"What is the greatest threat to our way of life and democracy in the years ahead?” asks Anatole Kaletsky. For the Times columnist, the growing problem is inequality. “(T)he widening gap between the very rich and everybody else, now threatens the social consensus and political stability, not only in Britain but also in America and Europe, to a degree not seen since the terrible era before the two world wars.”
Remember, this is RELATIVE poverty that they’re talking about. In other words, no matter how much the conditions of absolute poverty improve, it will always exist as long there is anyone left who is successful to exist in “relative terms” to.
The burgeoning wealth of the rich squeezes out the middle class, who are “priced out of desirable neighbourhoods and cannot enjoy the comforts their parents took for granted, from good schools to eating at the best restaurants.
Despite their humbler tastes, lack of automobiles, Wiis, multiple flatscreen TVs, their crushinh work schedules, and without the false memories your nostalgia is feeding you.

Our latest information indicates that the poor still aren’t hiring, so as far as poverty alleviation goes, we’ll stick with giving those icky rich people a chance.

So if the best you can come up with is some idea that our REAL problem is that we suffer from aspirational hopes for the future, or affluenza, let’s hope your passive ass isn’t in charge of anyone else’s fate.

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