Friday, July 09, 2010

Probably Still There to Join in the Fun

Miguel Ángel Moratinos, a 68er if there ever was one and a member of the “fisting for peaceSocialist Workers' Party is visiting the holy city of Havana.

A few weeks ago, he was demanding an end to the “Gaza Blockade”, that inhumane Israeli practice of keeping missiles away from their civilians. Now he is in the worker’s paradise, with the best medical care in the world, while a Cuban dissident on hunger strike is near death.

Before departing from Madrid on Monday (5 July), Mr Moratinos told journalists the aim of his three-day trip was to support a dialogue between the Cuban government and the Catholic Church on improving respect for human rights.
I guess just to appease those warmongering, inhumane neocons, Moratinos feels obliged to try to do SOMEthing, though.
Some contact will also be made with the entourage of Cuban activist Guillermo Farinas. Mr Farinas, a psychologist and online journalist, is reportedly close to death after 132 days on hunger strike in defiance of the country's Communist government. He is demanding that sick political prisoners be freed.
But don’t expect too much. Rich Europe having long ago proved itself willing to have its’ free will brought to its’ knees by comparatively powerless rogues.

No blood for chicharonnes, spanky!

By the way, Moratinos, in his Sicialist Worker’s party radicalism for eschewing aristocratic class mutual support and suchlike holds the following honors:
Knight of the Order of Civil Merit,
Officer of the Order of Isabel the Catholic Queen,
Commander of Civil Merit,
Commander of the Alaouite "Ouissan" Order of Morocco,
Commander of the Order of the Republic of Tunisia,
Commander of the Order of Isabel the Catholic Queen,
Cooperation Prize of the Arab Journalists Association (Presented by H.M. the King in 1994),
Alaoute Ouissan Order (Officer) and
Commander of the Orange-Nassau Order of the Netherlands.
Not bad for a “pacifist” crypto-maoist and a lawyer. But let’s not forget who the real brave radical, defender of the people’s rights is: Guillermo Farinas.
"I want to die in my country right under the noses of the dictators who have the guns, rifles, cannons and bombs. I have the moral weight of the people from below, who have been deceived and repressed for 51 years by those who have the weapons,"
The fact remains that all of those European “fisting” socialists thinking paranoiacly that they are the bulwark of humanity against a sea of evil you name-it-ANYthings pretend that dey got da bravitude, but not one of them will EVER once consider for a second placing themselves in the position of being in a hunger strike in a dictatorial state with the very real risk of death, even if one ends the hunger strike. Every last one of them, with their wet dreams of taking violence the man (when they ARE the man) belongs in an adult diaper compared to Farinas.

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