Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Signpost on the Road to Demographic Collapse

Paging the delusional Paul Ehrlich, and all those lauding the ‘environmental’ argument for self-selected social sterilization: a Danish government panel report finds one third of schools to be too small to be sustainable. [Bold emphasis mine.]

One of the key recommendations of the report, released yesterday, recommends setting a minimum of three pupils per class, a limit currently met by only 1,000 of the country’s schools.
The task force, set up to find ways to improve the quality of education, recommends implementing the closings over a period of five years.

Education experts and community activists disagree with the findings. Peter Allerup, a professor at Aarhus University’s School of Education, challenges the panel’s argument that larger schools are more effective and educate students better.

‘The right answer is we just don’t know,’ he told Kristeligt Dagblad newspaper.

He added that closing schools in small communities would probably result in families moving to towns where schools were located.
And a population of those who DO want the family to have a future engaging in palliative act of retreat – if only to keep life as normal as possible, for as long as possible.

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