Sunday, May 16, 2010

L’érotisme du grand soir

The French language blog I Like Your Style has an interesting article on allure of violence of the “peacy-peace” left.

Three dead, three bank employees, who were the salesmen of the great Satan Capital anyway, for €1000 per month’s salary, the bastards! Oh, they would have liked to hang a banker, cigar and all, but none to be had for lefty, so they went for the small fish in the meantime. In the mean time we continue to tolerate the boy, since he’s just letting off a little steam. He avails himself well, the leftist anarchist parasite sponging off of the state. The three bank employees [who died in Athens], paid taxes, in fact paid the anarchist leftist’s welfare, and would spit in their mouthes, except when he went to cash his welfare check at the bank, again and again.

The small left-wing anarchist, hears stuff on TV, talks with his lousy little anarchist buddies again, and gets as excited as usual - except that here, they knew there would be cameras, so they was no risk, and they could then disappear. The little anarchist knew it was safe to toss a few molotov cocktails, and lets off a little steam, knowing it might guarantee him his welfare a little longer, paid by bank employees. So the little anarchist drank a few beers, lit some firecrackers, put on his ugliest black clothes, as usual, and he threw a few cocktails at the riot police, the bastards! How dare they! He knows that the riot police are instructed to do nothing, because the slightest scratch on the little leftist will permit looting, killing, and fires, with the approval of the TV and leftist journalists worldwide, with downstream and the cheers of the protesters,
”The justice of the left,” one of the comments say quite cogently, “is always about vengeance.”

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