Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Coalition of the Tripping

UK, with its’ mother of Parliaments is rotting from the neck up. The Conservatives won the most votes and the most Parliamentary seats, and yet the buzz of the blogsphere seems to be limited to pretending that this does not matter. The LDP, the Provisional Wing of disaffected Labour party voters, is inclined to support a proportional representation arrangements that guarantees in perpetuity to let whoever got the LEAST votes has the king-maker’s power to declare themselves Líder Máximo.

Then again, that might be what these clucks wondering how to dispossess the winner of the most votes of any access to government: to construct a “rainbow coalition” (a puzzling metaphor in a nation that’s 92% white,) of single issue nutballs, greens, separatists who can’t seem to separate enough to not run as MPs,

Due to their refusal to swear an oath of allegiance to the Queen, the five Sinn Fein MPs do not take their seats in the House of Commons, meaning that the “rainbow coalition” needs 323 MPs for a majority, only eight more than the Liberal Democrat and Labour votes combined.
and anyone who can be bought off with unequal and superior treatment under the law.
Both the Scottish and Welsh nationalist parties have indicated that they would support a Lib-Lab coalition and have MPs in London ready to negotiate a deal. The parties are likely to insist that Scotland and Wales are protected from spending cuts.
That notwithstanding, the love-train ritual must go on, even thought:
This so-called “coalition of losers” would only just be able to get enough votes for a Commons majority. Labour has 258 MPs, while the Lib Dems have 57, so a coalition of just these two parties would have only 315 seats.
Much dress up is also required, but I think they’re used to this kind of thing, at least for a night:
There are six SNP MPs and three Plaid Cymru MPs in Westminster. The votes from these nine MPs would be just enough for the coalition to reach a majority provided that the Sinn Fein MPs do not vote.
SO. Should it actually get that far, the formation of the British Government will depend on 6 IRA sympathizers with a predisposed hatred of a place in which they can, by merely raising their hands, bring into a state of further chaos, to fighting the temptation to vote even just once.

Someone, quite clearly, has been drinking the bong water.

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