Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The New Urban Hillbillies

Bypassing the court, and living in their own universe, the foreign origin population of a Danish housing project are practicing their own vigilante law:

A council of elder men seems to be the deciding factor on the Vollsmose Estate in Odense, where local people seek decisions on divorces, rivalries and debts.

“We can confirm that there is a Council of Elders. We have strong suspicions that they solve a number of criminal cases internally. But that is the culture here. It’s just difficult to prove when it all happens in secrecy. The Council has existed for several years,” says Vollsmose Local Police Leader Per Frank.

The Council of Elders has been accused of ignoring a suspected paedophile and not reporting him to the police. Instead, the council banished the suspect to Germany in 2008
So how’s that “new man” Socialism collectivism thing working for ya? Probably not that well if there are people improvising quasi-“libertarian” solutions to work around it.

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