Friday, August 07, 2009

Dead Marxists Society

Mourn, if you can. In very continental fashion, philosopher (and aren't they all philosophers...) Francis Jeanson made the argument that for the love of his country it had to be defeated, an argument he continued to qualify and recycle as he went along. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

In "Our war", a book published in 1960 and immediately seized from the shelves, he explained his fight, responding to those who accused him of supporting France’s enemies that he was defending France’s values.

Tried in absentia and sentenced in October 1960 to ten years in prison after the trial of its network of associates, he was pardoned in 1966.
Of course, back then, French society knew what treason was, having had to endure accusations of it from the Free French AND the Vichy, all of who tried to use the divinity of the imagined image of a rural culture, rarely by comparison did the notion of a free society see any use as its’ justification. In the end, they all pull out the “magic words”:
He then turned to the cultural and social work in psychiatric institutions.

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