Friday, February 08, 2008

Not Exactly Being All That You Can Be

Clarsonimus points out that the Bundesregierung has managed to used the Bundeswehr to be really

When asked by a reporter what the other 250,000 troops in the German military are doing back home at the moment and if it might not maybe be possible to dig up one or two hundred of them with guns and ammunition and everything who might not sort of perhaps consider kind of like coming down south to fight for a week or two tops pretty please, the angered spokesman said “We’re doing everything we can, I say. Not everything we should or even could, but can. Three letters here; c, a, and n. Got that? I can’t stress the word can enough.”
Which is to say: this is the time in the Bundeswehr when we dance. More to the point: you may not pet my monkey, or molest his skull for that matter.

Get a freaking Bundes-heart, will ya?

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