Friday, November 28, 2008

Dreams walking in broad daylight

There is a certain animal walking the streets of Chelsea, Manhattan, and of course the beautiful narroways of Saint-Germain who truly believe that all it takes is sitting down with a fellow of good cheer in the hopes of reaching la prétention de latte.

A misguided belief that all peoples hold all truths to be self-evident. As our brothers and sisters in Mumbai will attest, first-hand, some people want to kill you because you are you. Of course, you may think that you being you is wonderful under the reassuring and undulating strobes of the discothèque du jour chasing tablets of ecstasy with the ubiquitous kir royale. A wonderful life if you can get it.

However, the peace-love-and-understanding cord fail to realize one very important fact, the other guys simply do not care how caring, how nuanced, how sophisticated you may think you are. Their only interest is racking up another one for the nightly body-count. …