Friday, September 19, 2008

Looks like the pilot isn't going to be picked up...

Given the mass hysteria (real wrath of God stuff) kicked-up by those financial markets doing what they are actually designed to do, a simple query....

anti-capitalism scribblers on the left, along with their even more extreme trogladyte minions further out on the fringe left where the really radical nose-picking goes on, have busily been writing the epitaph for capitalism, all based upon a few days of trading here and there

Now that those markets are making the same type of move, to the positive side, will the very same noxious brew of collectivists, statists, leftists, dog-washers, you name it, reassess their opinions?

If the markets continue to self-correct in a positive fashion will it be noted on the left? Of course, the question presumes the left is coming from the vantage point of facts and reality and not just using yet another current event to bang the ideological bongos for more utopianism, more socialism, and more sloganeering against the individual.

As an aside, over the past week one has been deluged with reportage about the "failing" financial markets hurting the little guys (Jean/Joe six-pack). Oddly it is hard to recall hearing from the very same voices how previous rising financial markets benefitted the very same Jean/Joe. If moves in financial markets can hurt, they can also help. Of course when it comes to the statist left, all "narratives" are one-way: theirs.

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