Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Think Progress

I wonder if the NYT's editorial board is reporting this with envy?

President Hugo Chávez is using his decree powers to enact a set of socialist-inspired measures that seem based on a package of constitutional changes that voters rejected last year.
Beyond the second year university student notions of land redistribution, elimination of cash money, fist-pumping “peace”, and other permanent population repressants, EU Rota is all over another under-reported feature of the budding poop-stain's exploits like white on rice: while railing at supposedly abusive and unaccountable corporations, he's nationalizing his way into making the state become one itself (and little else). It comes complete with the Communist obsession with materialism, and the usual inability to actually provide for that illusion of a people as a monolith. Good luck "people", you're building a bridge to the late 19th century.

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