Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Courage to Stand Up to the Feminists

…restraining orders are issued without the due process required for criminal prosecutions, yet they carry the threat of a prison sentence for anyone who violates them
writes the Eagle Forum's Phyllis Schlafly.
Judge Francis B. Schultz rejected most of those arguments, but he cited a long line of cases holding that "clear and convincing evidence" is required in order to take away fundamental rights, such as a parent's right over the care and custody of his children.

Feminists are in an uproar about Judge Schultz's decision and would like the New Jersey Supreme Court to reverse it. Feminists want courts to uphold a woman's right to kick a man out of his home based on a woman's unverified accusations.

Family courts are notorious for issuing restraining orders based on one woman's unsupported request. The New Jersey Law Journal reported that an instructor taught judges to be merciless to husbands and fathers, saying, "Throw him out on the street, give him the clothes on his back, and tell him, 'See ya' around.'"

…the feminist agenda calls for domestic-violence laws to punish husbands and fathers above and beyond what can be proven in court under due-process procedures.

… U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. … wants to pretend a man is a felon even if he is not. That's the feminist anti-male agenda.

…It's time to restore basic constitutional rights to husbands and fathers by repudiating the feminist agenda that considers men guilty unless proven innocent.
More from Stephen Baskerville and from Bruce Eden:
Hudson County Superior Court Judge Francis B. Schultz should be considered an American hero. He stood up against the powerful feminist-controlled domestic violence machine and ruled that the New Jersey domestic violence statute is unconstitutional, and that people's 14th amendment rights were being violated. Judge Schultz could have taken the politically correct route; he did not. …

The time has come for common sense, constitutional protections to stop the bleeding of false allegations which permeate the family courts. The Attorney General's Office is in no position to oppose this ruling without discriminating against men. Either enforce the perjury laws or eliminate them altogether.

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