Saturday, May 24, 2008

All the Polls Agree: Sympathy in the U.S. for France Has Never Been As High As Now

No wonder a Frenchman like SuperFrenchie will not allow contrarian opinions to be expressed on his website and bans said people from his comments section: on his post on Americans' alleged anti-French racism, for instance, some of us might report France's prime minister stating (Embassy TV 02:10) that
nous sommes heureux de constater que la sympathie pour la France aux États-Unis n'a jamais été à un niveau aussi élévé qu'en ce moment. Tous les sondages que nous effectuons montrent que l'opinion que les Américains ont de la France depuis un an est à son meilleur niveau.
Oh, and SuperFrenchie would have to admit that Fox News does allow the French to speak their minds…

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