Thursday, May 15, 2008

Run, Human Shield! Run!

Armed Hezbollah militants warded off members of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) last month when the peacekeepers discovered a truck carrying weapons and ammunition belonging to the Lebanon-based guerilla group.
How, pray tell, did they find this out?
The incident was referred to briefly in a semi-yearly report submitted to the UN Security Council


"This serious violation of the UN resolution raises concerns," the report said.

The incident was not reported in the media at the time of its occurrence.
Nonetheless, Hizballah’s position is straightforward: bang their spoons on their high-chairs and insist on how unfair it is that they couldn’t occupy territory that they agreed not to occupy. The Norwegian Blue Parrot of media fairness reports:
Hezbollah accuses the United Nations of being biased after the UN head called the movement 'a challenge for Lebanon's sovereignty'.

UN Chief Ban Ki-moon claimed in a statement on Wednesday that "Hezbollah's maintenance of a paramilitary capacity poses a key challenge to the (Lebanon) government's monopoly on the legitimate use of force."
No shit, Sherlock. The hilarious thing about Hizballah, is that after calling the statement unfair on the basis of their right to be a paramilitary antagonist to the government, they also go to plan B and C, insisting...
The report "is limited to information emanating from an enemy party
and if that’s not enough...
lacks credibility and accuracy
which would make its’ “unfairness” sort of meaningless, unless it was entirely accurate, even if they did conceal it from the press (embarrassing as it was) and bury it in a report released 3 months later... They are, after all, in the midst of crazies bringing some bad juju upon the purple helmeted gladiators, they are now being threatened by al-Qaida, who are also threatening the Lebanese for good measure. They also think you're a dillwed. Tell ya what, Doctor Zawahiri – you hack... In the spirit of the buzz in the air, I also threaten you – but otherwise am not going to “express concerns” about you.

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