Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Brave, Brave Sir Robin

Thanks to people on the left — as you all doubtlessly realize — we are heading towards a world of peace, of wisdom, of tolerance, of mutual understanding, and towards a world where all problems will be resolved through courageous talks, heartfelt discussions, and deep respect for one another.

To strike this point home, peace protesters wanting to bring peace to the world (or at least to
West Chester, Pennsylvania) decided to hold a protest in said borough where they proceeded to live out their glorious ideology.

They started by looking loving, wise, and tolerant, they went on by having polite, respectful, and gracious talks with evil counter-protesters, and they ended by… showing
the utmost courtesy to a young female blogger.

The young female blogger in question is on the right in the photo on bottom (no link to Code Pink despite the color of her cap). You can undoubtedly see what a threat someone like Skye would pose to a gallant and chivalrous peace protester like the white-bearded knight in her video…

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