Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Euro-zombies that Play Along

The recent Cuban ‘election’, that great fethtivity of pluralism and demonstration of individual will, actually involves going into a booth and voting for the one listed candidate for each position, or not going at all.

Radio Netherland Wereldomroep’s espaneesh language website and radio channel transmitted to the Americas by satellite. Fails to actually mention this directly.

Children play a special role in the elections in Cuba. When Carlos Lage deposited his ballot in the ballot box, children make the military salute and shouting "INFO!"
Children wear their school uniforms that have the colors of the Cuban flag. In the era of dictator Fulgencio Batista, had the military side of the polls. Now they are innocent children that oversee the proper conduct of the polls. The vice president, Carlos Lage, insists that the elections are democratic in Cuba.
No sign of dictatorship THERE!
At the end of the day the polling stations close and the counting begins.
In a location in Old Havana, the first box is emptied out: 150 votes for the "united vote." An official said he was had no objections. There were 20 blank votes and 7 annulled because there are things written on them. En una de las papeletas se lee: "Abajo Fidel". On one of the ballots read: "Down with Fidel". On another ballot, scissors are drawn in the circle of the "united vote."
And the only comment the item received was from someone criticizing the election process in the US because it costs something. In fact what the Cubans do by pretending that they’re having any sort of election at all is a waste of resources, were it not also the case of even the lies they tell Cubans being nothing more than a profunctory drip-feed that would give them an aneurism should it ever stop.
It is sad that in this country (the USA), which calls itself a champion of democracy, the chances of a candidate to win the presidential election are directly proportional to the amount of money at his disposal to move the propaganda machinery of mass distribution. It's like selling a bad product and then trying to convince the consumer of its’ great quality. The commercials can sell ice to Eskimos! " "People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones"
Underscoring this guy’s absurdity is that there is no mention of the US in the article. With people like this, one can only assume that were it not for his irrational hatred of the US, with that very decadent idea of having more than one candidate to chose from in an election, that he is very likely to pay any attention to the Cuban backwater and its’ abused and abased population.

Then again, what do you expect? Journalism?

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