Thursday, November 01, 2007

I LOL'd ‘til I Cried

The mainstream thinking of a nation of quasi-intellectual hooligans is laid bear: the mainstream left are fairly sure that anyone criticizing the murder attempt on a political activist (who doesn’t tow the PC line) makes the mainstream left journos who happen to report it is a neo-con in the pocket of Uncle Sam. To them it seems that Rue89 isn’t extreme and doctrinaire enough, and thus gets thrown off of the ideological island.

Proof positive to these deterministic inheritors of the continent’s natural facism: one of the zombies at even wrote an article critical of Hugo Chavez, therefore they too must be the enemy.

I gues it’s "égalité et reconciliation" for me, but not for thee...

In a nation of people in such dire need of “thrills” vicariously demonstrated to them passively through print and TV, what do you expect? Somewhere along the way “I think therefore I am” became “I talk therefore I am.” Behold its bounty.

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