Friday, September 07, 2007

"Well that would be a real big problem for us, no question about it"

The Petraeus Report might prove to be entirely too positive for some "anti-war" liberals to believe. It seems that since the day this war began there has been an echo chamber of nay-sayers who have proclaimed that we "just aren't seeing any progress in Iraq." When progress actually emerges, they choose not to believe it.
Benjamin Duffy goes on to ask why liberals seem so intent on not believing that General David Petraeus might be making a difference in Iraq?
I have a few guesses on that. First, liberals are so bent on losing this war that they cannot tolerate success. Second, losing the war in Iraq and blaming it on conservatives would benefit them in elections for years to come. Third, the idea of this whole Iraq project backfiring on us gives them a rush of schadenfreude.

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