Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Ardent Champion of Columbia

If a Le Monde article is to celebrate a South American leader, as the Marie Delcas portrait of Piedad Cordoba does, naturally it has to be an adversaries of an ally of Uncle Sam who doubles as an admirer of Hugo Chávez… Although the French interest is in the liberation of the FARC guerillas' hostages (especially Ingrid Betancourt), it is suggested that Alvaro Uribe is nothing but a political wheeler-dealer, that her view of the president's politics (as "inadmissable compromises with the Mafia and criminals") are nothing but the truth (in a region where the "progressive governments of Latin America", including that of Chávez, deserve little else but admiration), and that "Cordoba la Noire's" adversaries are nothing but racists.

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