Sunday, July 29, 2007

Outrage Spared Due to Nationality

It took 480,000 homes to have their power cut off to get Gordon Brown to take a 15 minute helicopter overflight, (on July 23rd, when the flooding started in late June) and the outrage reserved, even by Britons themselves of George Bush is not meted out for this true miserable failure. All-knowing, all-feeling Euro-citizens in the bucolic countryside found lowering themselves to New Orleanian looter Katrinaesque behavior:

In Gloucestershire, where fresh water supplies have been cut after contamination from flooding, there was anger among residents after emergency bowsers were vandalised, leaving families without drinking water.

Yobs were accused of urinating and tipping bleach into supplies, deliberately running them dry and even having water fights.

Residents also complained that not enough water was being brought in. Some reported having to visit as many as 50 bowsers before they could find one with water in it.
Though the old standby of blaming global warming popped up like a gopher, George Bush has yet to be blamed. Give them time. They’ll find a way.

Back to the frame of reference... That elephant in the room... Katrina showed more than anything else that in parts of American urban society some have been made helpless by welfare and class hatred. In disarmed, sensitized, and socialized Britain, nearly everyone is.
Good luck with all that.

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